Lease of cultural spaces for events

I floor

  • Seminar hall A, which can accommodate at least 100 people. The hall is intended for organizing seminars, conferences, creative workshops, discussion forums and even concerts. Advantages: speakers, microphones and multimedia integrated with other spaces.
  • The cinema hall is intended for international film festivals, regular non-commercial screenings, meetings with creative film groups and educational activities for children. The hall is also leased for the organization of private events and can accommodate 115 people. Advantages: best audio equipment in the Baltic States, comfortable seats and .. no popcorn.
  • Gallery  - cosy multifunctional space with access to the outdoor terrace. Our guests can implement various different ideas and activities in the gallery. Soon a musical club-café Raketa will open near the gallery.

II floor

  • Multifunctional hall B has 211 seats and, if necessary, these telescopic grandstand seats can be folded in order to accommodate around 350 people. Advantages: the hall has integrated audio and video equipment, the space "adapts" to different needs – it can be used for theatre, modern dance, music concerts, conferences and various private events.
  • Lounge-type lobby near hall B - 150 sq. m. space that can be changed depending on the idea of the event.
  • Studio 2A is intended for smaller seminars, creative sessions and discussions. The studio can accommodate around 50 people. 

V floor

  • Loft hall C has around 100 seats. In addition to its original interior, this space also has a few special advantages – shock-absorbing floor for dancers and windows that offer fantastic views.

Contact us by phone: +370 46 311 010 or +3706 1555 452, or e-mail:  We will provide managerial consultations and assist in all technical matters. We can take care of the sound and lighting system.