Tired of working in the office or at home? No longer enjoy the cafe environment? Then come to the most awesome place at the coast - the Factory HUB! It is the most modern space for freelance workers, start-ups and creative industries companies. The factory HUB is located in the very heart of Klaipeda, in Bangų street. Here you will find everything – spaces for conferences and seminars, fibre-optic internet and private work studios. Here you will be able to lease a work desk and join the circle of like-minded people who are active and initiative - IT specialists, journalists, designers, linguists, advertisement developers, consultants, start-ups and many more creative industries professionals. Here individual work is brewing, new connections are made, and joint projects are born and developed!

Factory HUB is a perfect place for relaxing or active leisure, a space for meetings with potential clients or for the preparation of various events: seminars, conferences and presentations.

Factory residents have the opportunity to get cheaper accommodation in the Factory HUB's friend hotels, guest houses, hostels or the camping site. 

The Factory has a working cinema, movies are also viewed outside during summer. Image creation, entrepreneurship and creative workshops and conferences are organized. Dance and theatre groups from Klaipeda and other cities give their best performances. The Factory HUB is conveniently located in the very centre of the city!

Looking for even more inspiration? Grab the Factory's bicycle and you will be at the beach in no time!

The Factory HUB and Klaipeda is the best place for your work and your holidays. Book a desk now!